Power Supplies 50vdc | 100 vdc

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The power supplies give a continuous tension of 12V to the Colibrì
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The power supplies give a continuous session of 12V to the Colibrì and a max 100V to the drives picking it up from the transformator. The max current in output from the power supply is 20Arms. It's possible to put a heat sink in case of big fluxes of power.


 4 outputs for 4 drives 20Arms in total
 Auxiliar output 12V 1,5A indepedent for power supply of the controller and relay
 Drive output protected by fuse
 Version with condenser for tension up to 50VDC (DIN bar support option)
 PCB with 70 micron copper for high currents
 Version with external condensers for tensions over 50VDC up to 100VDC (DIN bar support option)
 Signal LED on drives' power supplies and auxiliar output

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