DS3078 (90Vdc 10Arms 14.1 Apk)


 DS10 series are projected to be assembled on DIN bar and are installed in the electrical panel in a few seconds.

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Power Supply Tension From 24Vdc to 90 Vdc
Phase current Settable from 4Arms to 10Arms increasing by 0,1Arms each
Control mode Totally programmable by the user through the free tool UDP Commander
Performance Up to 3000rpm with 1/128 of step resolution
Function Blocks Assignment
Jump and subroutine call, conditional or unconditional
Wait event
32bit mathematical operations
Logical operations (OR, AND, XOR and SHIFT)
User variables Freely definable. With length of 1byte, 2byte, 3 byte and 4 byte.
Special functions Fast counter usable even for Encoder
Catches the quote on transition of one or more inputs
Automatically decrease current
Digital inputs 4 optoisolated: DI0, DI1, DI2, DI3 freely usable
Functioning from 3V to 28V with constant absorbing
Connectable singularly in NPN, PNP or LineDrive mode
Digital output 2 optoisolated: DO0, DO1
Functioning up to 30V 50mA
Singularly connectable in NPN or PNP mode
Analogical input 2 converted to 11bit: AI0, AI1
Functioning from -10V to 10V
Usable as digital inputs too
Analogical output 1 converted to 10bit: AO0
Functioning from 0V to 10V
Current up to 10mA
Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics Up and down Tension, Thermal, Motor phase interrupted
Short circuit phase-phase, phase-mass, phase-positive
Unique indication for every anomaly
Connections Through practicable removable clamp. Cable section up to AWG14
Size 100(H) x 35(L) x 119(W) mm
3,94(H) x 1,38(L) x 4,69(W) inches
Weight 295g

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