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Interface UDP30 makes communication possible between a pc and any other device with port DUP

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THE INTERFACE UDP30 makes communication possible between a pc and any other device with port DUPTHE PORT DUP Is a property interface, developed by LAM Technologies, born with the objective of simplifying the configuration of owned products and permits the fast reading, and in real time, of the device's status and diagnostics' information. The connection with the PC uses any USB port, from which the interface picks up the power supply too for its own functioning (There is no need for an external power supply). Differing from a normal serial connection, the USB port offers greater speed and an inherent system for error checking.
To interface the pc to theUDP30 It's necessary a program UDP Commander.
UDP Commander is a free windows working program (98SE and after) capable to interface UDP DEVICES (for example UDP30) and to communicate with the products from the series DS10, OS10, LS10, DS30, DS50, DS52 e DS54. Through UDP Commander is possible to read characteristic informations of the device (model, serial number, ecc.), configure its functioning, read diagnostics data, ecc. The read and save functions on file of the configuration allow to duplicate fast, and without errors, the same configuration on more devices. The software is able to recognize automatically the connected product; also the graphical interface, easy to use, avails efficient tool tip which permits them to be operative right after the installation of the program. UDP Commander can be use from command prompt too and this makes it adapt to be integrate in other applicative and in automated procedures

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