DS1073 (90Vdc 3Arms 4.2 Apk)


 DS10 series are projected to be assembled on DIN bar and are installed in the electrical panel in a few seconds.

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Power Supply Tension From 24Vdc to 90 Vdc
Phase current Settable from 0,8Arms to 3Arms increasing by 0,1Arms each
Control mode Impulses train. Start/Stop
Digital inputs 4 optoisolated: STEP, DIRECTION, ENABLE, BOOST
Functioning from 3V to 28V with constant absorbing
Connectable singularly in NPN, PNP or LineDrive mode
Step's fraction Microstepping. Settable from the whole step to 1/128 of step
Max frequency of STEP 300KHz
Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics Up and down Tension, Thermal, Motor phase interrupted
Short circuit phase-phase, phase-mass, phase-positive
Unique indication for every anomaly
Connections Through practicable removable clamp. Cable section up to AWG14
Size 100(H) x 17,5(L) x 119(W) mm
3,94(H) x 0,69(L) x 4,69(W) inches
Weight 160g

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