Colibrì Keypad


Colibrì keypad eases the JOG and resetting operations on the piece


Perfectly integrated with the Colibrì controller and wih the software Colibrì-CNC. Eases the operations of JOG and resetting on the piece. Doesn't need separated power. Ergonomic, sturdy container, comes with a cable (3m stretched)


 Connects to the controller through 4 poles cable and RJ9 plug
 16 Keys, 14 LED
 Power Supply 5V from the controller
 Serial communications RS232
 Up to 5 axes
 5 programmable speeds
 5 programmable distances
 Axes commutator
 Speed/Direction commutator
 Pause, Stop with LED light indicators
 Override speed advancement
 Led for the selected axis
 LED for the selected speed/distance
 Home, Zero, Start
 Indication of the controller's status
 Increase and decrease buttons
 6 programmable function keys

Additional information

Weight 0,260 kg