DS10xx DS30xx DS50xx

The drives of the ds series are divided in 3 families:

•DS10: the microstepping drives for stepping motors from the DS10 series are projected for the assembly on DIN bar and are installed in the electric panel in a few seconds. The connections to the motor, with the logical circuits and the power supply are realized through practicable extractable terminal blocks, numbered and colored, capable to host cables up to 2,5mm² of section.

•DS30: The programmable drives for stepping motors from the DS30 series are the ideal choice for all the applications that need a thorough control of the stepping motor both in speed and position. The indexer integrated inside the drive is completely programmable by the user in an easy and intuitive way.

•DS50: The programmable drives for stepping motors from the DS50 series is equipped with bus of the modbus-rtu type and communication interface RS485. In a same network there can be connected up to 247 drives, even with a different power, singularly referable or with global commands (executed at the same time from all the present devices)

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