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Colibrì is a Motion Controller for CNC machines
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Colibrì is a Motion Controller for CNC machines based on stepping motors or brushless motors with a max of 6 axes where the rotational axes refer to the rotation of the piece to work on the rotating table.
Colibrì finds application in the management of CNC pantographs, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, 3d sticker depositions, work centers and 6 axes miling machines, 3d modeling machines and CNC multi-head machines.
Colibrì can work starting the works through a pc or in an automatic way without the use of a PC.
Infact Colibrì avails of a sd memory which contains the works to execute and a dedicated keypad.
Through the keypad it's possible to start works placed in memory, move the axes and even more.
Other than the keypad, it's possible to move the handwheel which can move with precision the axes.
Colibrì avails of customizable user inputs and outputs which can manage the cooling or an eventual automated tools' warehouse. Even without an automated tools warehouse it's possible to manage a tools warehouse with a manual or automatic tool change.
Thanks to the probe with colibrì is possible to execute 3d scans of surfaces.
The scan permits to get a cloud of dots which can be directly imported on CAM softwares which permits the successive elaboration of these dots and so the reconstruction of the scanned surface.
Thanks to this reconstruction is possible to execute incisions on surfaces with anomalous forms or reproduce the scanned pieces.


 USB 12 Mbit/s
 1 port RS232 115200 bps
 Connector DA15F for direct connection with the Handwheel Encoder (rev.2)
 1 port RS232 for keypad (Colibrì Keypad) 115200 bps (RJ9)
 SD (secure digital) Flash memory card 128, 256, 512 Mbytes for working files memorization.
 FAT 32, 16, 12 with support for long-named files on SD Flash
 CPU 32 MHz 32 bit with 521 Kbyte of Flash memory
 Power Supply from USB or 9-12VDC
 Updatable firmware (automatic from software or forced by bridge)
 5 interpolated linear and circular axes (on 3 floors) + 1 indepedent axis
 Linear or rotative axes
 Linear interpolation on 5 axes
 Circular interpolation on 2 flat axes XY-XZ-YZ (As of now only XY)
 Tangential interpolation
 10 standard inputs opto-isolated 5-24V
 8 opto-isolated user inputs 5-24V
 12 outputs for 6 axes Step/Dir NPN
 8 user outputs NPN 150 mA 5-24V with protection diode for direct piloting of the relays.
 Linear acceleration ramp
 Contouring with adjustable treshold
 3D scanner with contact probe
 3 operating modes
PC - USB direct communication
Execution of files on SD Flash and PC-USB monitoring
Execution of files on SD Flash stand-alone with keypad commands.
 4 analog-digital inputs 10 bit
 1 digital-analog output 8 bit
 Speed override with 1% increments with a max of 150%
 Electrospindle rotation speed override from 0 to 100%
 Small size 107 x 125 mm
 Clamps with input and output numerations
 DLL library with full access to all the characteristics for OEM developers
 Customizable firmware on request

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