Cylindrical proximity sensor Telemecanique Sensors, PNP, M12 x 1, detection 4mm, 12 → 48 V c.c.



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Sensori di prossimità induttivi Telemecanique OsiSense XS.


The inductive proximity sensors Telemecanique OsiSense XS series (extended detection range) makes it possible to detect all kind of objects in all applications, giving high detection performance for metal objects. This range of inductive sensors with high performance technology recognized in the sector gives detection without contact of materials up to 20 mm, The inductive proximity sensor are available in wire and non-wire models (isolated and not isolated).
The inductive proximity sensors OsiSense are only used to detect metallic objects up ti 60 mm and include an oscillator with coils (an alternated magnetic field is generated in the anterior part) that make the detection phase.


Stili disponibili.


    • Wire and non-wire models (isolated and not isolated).


    • Flat form.


    • Short and long body.


    • PNP and NPN versions (compatible with PLC and controller)


  • Versions c.c., or c.a./c.c. with 2 wires (available for installation as end of the line switch).

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